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The Turf Pros are using their experience of maintaining high quality turf on golf courses and bringing it to your own front door.

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The Turf Pros in Shallotte

The Turf Pros know that there's more to a healthy lawn than just putting out products. You need to analyze the soil to see what it needs. It doesn't matter what you apply if the lawn can not take it up and utilize it. The soil has to be balanced with the proper percentages of cations which are potassium , magnesium , calcium and hydrogen in order for the plant to take up the nutrients it needs to survive and flourish.

Meet The Turf Pros
Phil and Gail Holcombe are the owners and operators of The Turf Pros. The business was started in 2008.

Our company is led by Phil Holcombe, a former Certified Golf Course Superintendent. Phil holds a Degree in Turf grass Maintenance and a Diploma in Integrated Pest Management from Purdue University. He was one of approximately  only 1900 Certified Golf Course Superintendents in the country. He has maintained some of the premier courses in the area he has extensive knowledge in growing and maintaining warm season grasses for over 20 years.