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The Turf Pros in Shallotte

Annual Turf Maintenance Program Features:

  • Custom Fertilization- We specifically use granular fertilizer that is blended for your lawn to give optimum effectiveness.
  • Weed Control- There are many different types of weeds that can invade southern lawns. That's why we use pre-emergent and post emergent products to eliminate and control them.
  • ​Turf Diseas​e- Our custom maintenance program includes quickly identifying the various turf diseases that can attack your  lawn and recommending the appropriate action to take.

Special Services: 

  • Insecticide Treatments-For grubs, armyworms, mole crickets, chinch bugs, flea and tick, fire ants, and many more insects.
  • Fungicide Treatments- For large patch, brown patch, dollar spot, gray leaf spot & other turf diseases.
  • Core Aeration 
  • Dethatching
  • Irrigation Repair- Including spring startup and winterizing irrigation systems.
  • Consulting for turf needs

The Turf Pros recommend these services to customers which help minimize and aid in the prevention of insect and turf disease. Every soil and grass variety has different needs and problems.

Weather conditions and climate in the coastal areas can make turf grasses extremely vulnerable to insect damage and turf disease. This could result in irreversible damage to your lawn which could be very costly. 

The Turf Pros always use their knowledge and experience in recommendations for your turf grass needs.


Custom Fertilization, Disease Control, Insect Control, Horticulture Oils and Dormant Oils

Our Annual Tree & Shrub Maintenance helps provide your tree and shrubs with the growth and health needed for optimum beauty. 

​​The Turf Pros

Large patch disease